Here at Roxbud we specialize in producing

happy, healthy, well-socialized Boxers or Griffon Bruxellois that will become loving additions to your family. The quality of our puppies is our top priority, so they are bred for correct movement and structure in accordance with the breed standard.
Conformation is important, but we know you're also looking for a Boxer or a Griffon Bruxellois with an exceptional temperament and sound mind. 
Our Puppies have been socialized in our home, giving them ample exposure to the sites, smells, and activities of the household atmosphere. Brought up with Children in a Country Environment .
We strive to preserve the qualities that makes us so special. We are a small breeder, and our focus on quality over quantity allows us to produce beautiful, vibrant dogs that will bring that special joy to your home.
Sadly from 14/02/19 we no long have Bloodhounds in our home.
We will always love this breed and support our Roxbud hounds and new owners.
Make us proud babies.

 Roxbud Kennels

 Est 1995

Ankc Registered with Dogssa

South Australia



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 Roxbud has the rights to refund your deposit at any time.


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