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Shayla is Owned and very loved by our Son Tyson

Sodostaff  Shadow Boxer
~ Shayla ~
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A good friend asked me to puppy sit a cute puppy i said yes who could say no to her little face we were ONLY puppy sitting well we fell in love with her so she stayed :) .

She wants to be a boxer with her brindle marking she has on her side looks like a boxer head side on :)

shayla is a lovely girl and fits into our crazy lifestyle :) 

shayla has entered some local shows with some wins very happy with her. If you would like to view shalya breeder Visit below address


Icysprings Embah
~ Bindi ~

Norwegian Elkhound


Kyxen Remus Lupin
~ Diego ~

Norwegian Elkhound

We have welcomed the Norwegian elkhound into our Family they  belong to my daughter Jasmine and our our Grandchildren


Jasmine has grown up with the Boxer , Griffon Bruxellois and Bloodhound and has decided it was time for her own beginning of her own breed and after lots of searching she chose the Norwegian elkhound and has her Own Boxers of her own

watch this lovely winning  combo in the show ring .

Jasmine Has Her Own Prefix she is now Known as

Shownwin Kennels 

click here to view her website 

I wish you luck with your new breed jasmine very Proud of you .

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