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  Our First Bob Tail Pedigree Boxer

CH Boxberry Never Surrender  (Bob Tail)



Sire: Aust Grand Ch The Fonejacker At Surfstone (Imp UK) HT0 CC DMNN

Dam: Ch Boxberry Sweet Surrender (Bob tail) CCD HT0 AC


Saboo is a 9th generation Bobtail .




We have introduced the Bobtail Boxers into our bloodlines due to the Tail docking ban in Australia.This allows us to continue to breed the Boxer in its original fashion by having short tails.


 We were placed on a waiting list with Boxberry Kennels and become the lucky owner of this lovely boy we Thank Janet & Darryl Halliday of Boxberry Kennels in NSW.


We welcomed Saboo into our home in 2010.



Here is a short summary on the history of the Boxer with a natural short tail, Not Docked.


In 1992 Dr Bruce Cattanach reinvented the Boxer with a naturally short tail, the 'Bobtail Boxer'. It began with the crossing of one of Dr. Cattanach’s Boxer bitches to a Pembroke Corgi with a dominantly inherited bobtail, Vaquera of Pemwell.

To answer the question on the possibility of Corgi characteristics reappearing in progeny, Dr Cattanach undertook a "double up" mating with a dog and bitch that were both only four generations removed from the Corgi. The four puppies were all short backed, had decent heads with obvious Boxer chins. None showed any trace of the short legs and longer coat type of the Corgi.


 The matings taking place in Australia now are 8 or more generations away from the Corgi and have less than 0.5% Corgi in their pedigree, the only gene being transferred is the Bobtail.

The length of a Bobtail can be in all variations, some even have a kink in the tail.

A Bobtail can be identified by the feel of the end part of the tail, If there is no graduation to smaller bones towards the tip of the tail & fleshy part at the end of the tail - it is not a Bobtail meaning there is a good chance that it has just been docked.


All of our bobtails here at Roxbud come with a Veterinary certificate to confirm that they are bobtails.

If you would like to know more about the boxers you are welcome to email me or give me a phone call


Thank you for reading.

Roxbud Born This Way


Aust Ch Boxberry Never Surrender (Bt) 

Roxbud Ready To Rock N Roll

10 th generation Bobtail

Roxbud Limited Edition

~Chopper ~ 

Boxberry Rascal

Roxbud Born This Way (Bt)

11 th generation Bobtail

Roxbud What Goes Around


Aust Ch Boxberry Never Surrender (Bt)

Cranaker Rageous N Contagious

10 th generation Bobtail

Brizegar Bubble Butt

~Bubble Butt~

Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (Bt)

Dam : BrizegarTotally Diva

12 generation Bobtail

Roxbud All The Right Moves

~Red Dog ~

Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (Bt)

Dam : Roxbud Got My Own Moves

12 generation Bobtail

Roxbud Ohh La La


* Red Libby *

Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (Bt)

Dam : Roxbud Got My Own Moves

12 generation Bobtail


Roxbud Bringin It Back


Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (Bt)

Dam : Batchybox New Beginings 

12 generation Bobtail

Owned By Shownwin Kennels


Roxbud Light The Fire In me (Bt)


Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (Bt)

Dam : Angelpark Anasasia  

12 generation Bobtail


Aust Ch Roxbud Remeber Who You Are (Bt)

Sire : Aust Ch Boxberry Buy Me A Boat (Ai)

Dam : Roxbud All The Right Moves (Bt)

13 generation Bobtail

 Owned By Shownwin Kennels


Roxbud Watch Me Roar

Sire : Roxbud Limited Edition (bt)

Dam : Roxbud One Last Roar

12 generation Bobtail



Roxbud Look At Me Now ( Bt)

Sire : Aust Ch Boxberry Buy Me A Boat 

Dam : Roxbud Ohh La La ( Bt)

13 generation Bobtail


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