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Jasmine ( Bud Rip) Tyson

Tyson with  Roxbud Change The Channel

( Eve)

Jasmine with Aust Ch Boxberry Never Surrender ( Saboo)

​We hope you are enjoying our website,we are only a small Country Kennel set on 5 acres with lots of trees for shade.All our dogs are our family members.We have been established since 1995 with Boxers.

1998 with Griffon Bruxellois

We are Ankc Members with Dogssa


...ABOUT ME...
I started off with my first ever Boxer BUD

 ( KANNON EXCALIBUR). he was my love and my best friend, we completed grade 5 in Dog Obedience with many funny memories and Lots of Ribbons.
I entered him in a few local shows and started to enjoy showing, NO turning back I was hooked.I didnt buy him as a show dog I only wanted a pet, I got so much more than I could ever ask..................

In the mean time with starting our own family, Bud was a wonderful help around the house with being a baby sitter and a teacher. He was always checking if the children had clean faces,would watch them at the playground and wouldn't allow anyone to close. Bud tought both the children to walk,he would stand and the kids would climb up on him and he would take small steps and wouldn't allow them to fall.


I really enjoyed the nature of this wonderful dog the Boxer so we brought our first bitch ROXANNE ( BLAXLEY MYFRAS GIRL) .She was my husbands pride and joy and they to also enjoyed Dog Obedience.

The stories and feelings are still strong to this day with many memories.Sadly Bud and Roxanne have left us and joined the rainbow bridge, we will meet again.


We do share our home with the Griffon bruxellois my husbands pride and joys  . 

Due to tail docking laws all puppies will be sold with their tails.

We do have  Bob Tails and so they will be vet checked to say they were born with no tails .

Bud & Roxanne

 ( Rox(anne)bud)  ROXBUD

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